What is Kelime.com?

Starting its journey with the slogan "Let no word left unknown!" Kelime.com launched its first version under the title "Kelimex". Then digitized the old Turkish dictionaries in order for facilitating the learning of historical languages and deciphering the unreadable parts in the old texts. Favored by the academic community in a short time, Kelime.com expanded its mission and vision over time and gained a new identity as a database of dictionaries.

Kelime.com aims at growing until there will be no word unknown, undeciphered and untranslated in any piece of text you read, and will go on working about “words” and renewing itself all the time.

What Does Kelime.com Do?

* Search: Kelime.com allows you to search for words, phrases, patterns, proverbs, idioms, people, works, events and places in dozens of dictionaries in 10 languages. It helps you see in which language, parts of speech, form and gender the entry you find gets in, what it means in which dictionary registered in the database, and in which phrase, idiom and proverb the word you are looking for is included. Besides, Kelime.com determines in which definition of an entry the word searched for occurs and in which book it is included in sample sentences.

* Decipherer: In case the words in the texts you are studying cannot be read due to wear, deletion, tearing or other reasons, Kelime.com helps you reach the right result with correct guesses in thousands of entries in the database with wildcard characters.

* Translation: Kelime.com allows you to translate in almost 50 languages; ​​from Turkish to English, from English to Arabic, from Arabic to Chinese, etc. now for free. Not to mention the "Turkish to Ottoman and Ottoman to English" translation facilities, which will be activated soon.

Join Us (Careers)

Together we are determined to create the Kelime.com, a Database of Dictionaries, under the auspices of Hiperlink, the founder of Turkey's largest online library platforms. Join the team and get started right away. Click here to fill the form.

Corporate Solutions

As the first online e-dictionary database of Turkey and the world, Kelime.com has received great interest and attention since the day it was first launched. Offering flexible solutions to state Universities, colleges, private schools and various foundations with its corporate package Kelime.com blows a fresh breath into lexicography. In line with the demands, we are offering customized plans to meet corporate needs and create a quality dictionary database. We do promise to provide a comfortable use both on your desk and through your mobile. For further info please do not hesitate to contact us.