What is Decipherer?

It helps you decipher the words you come across in papers, magazines, books etc. that cannot be read due to wear, deletion or any other reason. It helps you find the rightest word by listing you the results. Furthermore, when you click on the results, it allows you to see the detailed information of the words.

Here is what you can do with Kelime.com
Try samples
For letters cannot be read/deciphered use (?)
For more letters/syllable unread use (*)
Use [ ] for finding words missing certain letters only
List the words you are looking for with word types

What is Decipherer and How It Works?

If the words found in any kind of document written in 10 different languages (Turkish, English, Ottoman, French, Arabic, Persian, German, etc.) cannot be read for any reason, Kelime.com uses the specified wildcards and lists the closest possibilities for the word you are seeking for, thus explains what it means in a particular dictionary.